Thursday, December 29, 2011


    We have officially reached insanity.  Ryan and I took all 4 kiddos ice skating at an outdoor rink.  In the rain.  Without help.  En route, Ryan suggested that a trip to the dentist may be more enjoyable while I opted for immunizing them all at once...we were SO WRONG!  I know that I have not laughed this hard since BA (before adoption).  Pure joy.  The photos above are in order so that you may appreciate Zeke on ice.  It is not an exaggeration that every moment Zeke was upright, he deliberately fell.  All out, blades-up-in-the-air, arms flailing, hollering.  He would scream one of two phrases, either "Ka-pow!" or "Alvin! Simon! Theodore!"  Needless to say, it was probably one of the more dangerous activities we've done thus far, but SO worth it.  Of course, I teared up thinking about my babies in the arms of the Sisters at the Home of Hope, coming up those stairs, with their glazed eyes and flat expression...and their giggling now.
  Upon coming home, there was a lot of ugly, RAD stuff but I am thinking we had a "Ah, ha" moment with Etienne.  After some difficult disciplining, we had this talk and decided that from now on, a toy would be donated for every defiance.  
Mama: E, toys don't fill your sippy cup with water.  Toys don't hug you when you are angry.  Toys don't give you food.  Toys don't love you.  
Etienne: My family loves me.
  10 minutes later,in bed.
Etienne: Dear God, please help me not to try to hurt Zeke. Help me tell the truth, help me_______etc etc.  I want to remember that my family loves me and not my toys. Amen.
Ryan's effort to preserve this.  Note that Molly is far away from us.

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  1. The best part of the video is hearing your laugh Kara! Love you.