Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another week closer

As you all know, we are now just waiting for our referral day to arrive. Every day friends, loved ones and even aquaintances ask "How's the adoption?" It's touching that everyone cares so much and is invested in our little one's lives. A well meaning aquaintance questioned how we could be adopting 2 children that we've never met or interacted with....that it was "risky" to hope that we'll accept and bond with kids we've never met. Hmm. My reply was that when you're pregnant, you've never met your child until you deliver them, yet you love them and bond with them before you physically hold them in your arms. I don't see anything other then biology being different. For us, we are feeling the same feelings that we felt while we were expecting our biological children. I daydream about what our family will be like and I know in my heart that I will love them the same.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sara Groves Video

I put " I saw what I saw" to share with you how God can speak to us through song. Molly and Blake love to watch this video and I can't imagine what we'll feel when we are there meeting the rest of our forever family. Have a great week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paper Prego

As America World says, we are officially "paper pregnant!" This means that the our government has authenticated our dosier and it is on it's way to Rwandan hands. We are in the waiting zone and besides praying, everything is now totally, completely out of our hands. Ryan and I both feel excited that we've made it through the intimidating mountains of paperwork and faithful that our waiting period will be tolerable. I wish that I could give all of you the feeling of total and complete peace that God has placed over my mind and spirit. Thinking of our newest family members brings a lot of tears and joyful excitement. Although I know that God's timing is perfect, I still pray that we receive our children earlier then most (average is 12 weeks) so that we can all enjoy some family time together and adjust to each other before I start my new career. Each night the four of us pray together. A new prayer is that whereever our other kids are, they are feeling happy. That someone snuggles them when they need snuggled, kisses their cheeks and tells them how loved they are. Please pray that prayer too. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers for us during this exciting time!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KC Star Neighborhood News

Today the Kansas City Star published a story in the Leavenworth/Wyandotte County Neighborhood News story. We really appreciated the positivity and felt like it was a good reflection of our story. When the reporter talked to me, she asked if anyone had been helping us. I told her that one of my dearest friends, Jen Penegar, was my moral support and had helped with the silent auction. Well, somehow that managed to make Jen the official supporter because in a text box it lists Jen as our contact person for donations. In the Basehor Sentinel for this Thursday there will also be a story regarding our dinner last weekend. Our ulitmate goal with all of this press coverage is that in sharing our adventure, we can give glory to God. I attached the link to our article.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Let the waiting begin!!!

The dossier is officially in the mail! Yippee! It should arrive to America World on Wednesday, then our case manager will hand deliver it to the US Embassy, then to the Rwandan Embassy and from there off to Rwanda. After that, the Ministry of Gender and Family Affairs (i know, i can hear all your comments) will review our documents and send us pictures and biographies of our future children. That will be our referral day- a day that we can't imagine what excitement and emotion it will hold! We're still recovering from our exhausting, successful and FUN weekend and continue to be in awe of the support from our family and community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Romans 5 & Parties

Last night we were overwhelmed with support at our I Heart Rwanda party! Thank you isn't adequate to express our gratitude to everyone that donated their time, skills, prayers and financial support. Our goal was to raise $3330 to mail the dossier tomorrow. We raised $5850! There was good BBQ, cake, mixed drinks, music, dancing and a silent auction. As Molly said, "its a wedding without a bride." I titled this entry Romans chapter 5 because it talks about Peace and Joy. Peace and Joy are some of the best ways to describe our feelings right now regarding the adoption process. God gives us peace through our faith in Him. We know that we can rejoice and find hope in our frustrations because of His Grace. We can look at the paperwork, home studies, certifications and dollars as frustrations and sufferings or we can persevere knowing that they bring "character, and character, hope." Last night He gave us hope through our fun party! Thank you to all of you for helping us and loving us. Blake, Molly, Ryan, myself and our two kiddos to come are so blessed because of you. We'll attach pictures soon. Have a blessed week and look up Romans 5!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dossier Update (again)

"Wait for the Lord; Be strong & let your heart take courage." -Psalm 27:14 This week I visited both the secretary of states offices in Missouri and Kansas. That means that all documents in our dossier are certified in the state that they originated and ready to go. Monday morning (if we raise $3330 this weekend) we'll send it to DC where Ryan Hanlon, our case manager, will hand deliver it to the US Embassey, then it will go to the Rwandan embassey, then Rwanda. That only takes a couple weeks HOWEVER once it is in Rwanda, the wait time is usually around 12 weeks. Agh. Our whole adoption journey has been on God's terms, I know, I know. But a mama can still hope for speedy miracles! PS. Don't forget I HEART RWANDA this weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Check your local listing

On Wed, Feb 4 the Kansas City Star will be running a story about our fundraiser and the adoption. It is kind of a cool story.... Last week a woman from the Star called saying that she'd heard about how adoption was running smoothly, and how was that possible during a recession? Neither Ryan or I know her or anyone at the Star, so we aren't sure who passed on the word (thanks, whoever you are!). Initially, she just wanted to put a little "Good News" blurb in the Saturday paper, but after talking about it, her editor decided to run the story in the front of the Neighborhood News. The Overland Park Sun will also be running one. This is great because the questions allowed us to give glory to God. We don't have extra money, we don't have extra resources, but we have a God who provides everything we need and the news article was another way He uses us to spread His word. The I Heart Rwanda party has definately taken on a life of its own! I really think it would be difficult to attend and leave without some sort of prize! We're so grateful for everything from the doll's beauty salon chair, to wine parties to Royals tickets.