Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another week closer

As you all know, we are now just waiting for our referral day to arrive. Every day friends, loved ones and even aquaintances ask "How's the adoption?" It's touching that everyone cares so much and is invested in our little one's lives. A well meaning aquaintance questioned how we could be adopting 2 children that we've never met or interacted with....that it was "risky" to hope that we'll accept and bond with kids we've never met. Hmm. My reply was that when you're pregnant, you've never met your child until you deliver them, yet you love them and bond with them before you physically hold them in your arms. I don't see anything other then biology being different. For us, we are feeling the same feelings that we felt while we were expecting our biological children. I daydream about what our family will be like and I know in my heart that I will love them the same.

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