Monday, March 9, 2009

Believe me, you'll know

Every day, someone will ask me "Any news on the adoption?" This is meant to be kind, supportive, encouraging. I also think it is funny, because at this point, when we have news on the adoption everyone will know!! I can't imagine how I wouldn't let the whole world when we receive our Referral. Yesterday was a difficult day. We told our beloved church friends at Trinity Lutheran that we are definately moving this summer. It was heartbreaking because our church family has been such a source of strength and we feel like our adopted children our their kids too. Ryan and I never would have started the adoption process last June if we even had an inkling that God would place the perfect career opportunity in Omaha. We also never knew it would go so smoothly or quickly. The serman yesterday was entitled "God's timing- shocking!" It was in reference to Abraham learning that his 90yr old wife would become pregnant. His reaction was to laugh. I love that! I have no concerns compared to her, but I still find the timing of adoption, careers and relocating to be a bit hysterical.

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