Saturday, March 21, 2009


Since we don't have much news on the home front regarding our own personal adoption adventure, Ryan suggested we start a "frequent asked question" blog. Maybe some of you are thinking adoption might be in your future or maybe you can support else. Here's one for you" WHY IS ADOPTION SO EXPENSIVE? It is true, adopting a child should be free. Unfortunately an international adoption is quite a complicated legal process. During your adoption process, you (and the agency you are adopting through) will be working with a myriad of entities. These include foreign governments, the USCIS department, county and state authorities, as well as the federal level state department (not to mention the numerous notaries you will need, police checks, medical reports and social services evaluations). There are many people who spend a lot of time working to adequately prepare the legal procedures for the adoption process, and it ultimately ends up costing quite a bit of money. When you receive our information packet, you are provided a complete breakdown of the costs involved. We include estimates for every cost you will encounter. Although most of the money you pay to other entities, not to us, we still include them in our estimate so that you can know realistically all the costs you will be responsible for during the adoption.- Also, we have learned that international adoptions are oftentimes less expensive then domestic adoptions. If you are interested in an foster care, older children or a child with special needs, US adoptions are less expensive and quicker.


  1. Good idea with the FAQ posts. I have actually heard that non-private adoption is very affordable. Do you know much about this? I heard that if you adopt from the state that medical costs of the child are covered, and sometimes the adopted family receives $$. You know a lot about this, so I thought I check with an expert.

  2. Internationally adopted children also get state medical coverage. Most of the private adoptions these days are open and I think I have talked to you about that selfish factor in me- I just personally don't want to share my family with another family. I will post a more PC info on this too.