Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More FAQ- Domestic vs International

Someone posted a question about getting state funding. Everyone, regardless of whether they adopt locally, nationally or internationally, gets a $10K tax refund when the adoption is finalized. It is true that if you adopt through foster care or handicapped kids, the costs may be less. There are also additional grants for children with disabilities. However, if you want a healthy, white newborn domestically, these costs are soaring and often cost more then internationally adopting. Also, private adoptions may sometimes be cheaper; if you are interested in private adoptions these are often an open adoption. Open adoptions mean that the birth mother or family is a part of your child's life too. For many families this is a perfect for them. For us, we felt strongly that we did not want an open adoption- that is just a personal preference. Since we have biological children, we studied up on how to make the transition of new siblings easier. Sticking with birth order is very important as well, so that meant no older kids for us. I will try to keep up on our FAQ stuff since we don't have our referral day yet!

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  1. Kara, This might be a FAQ but what's the timeline approximation b/w dossier completion to referral to travel? I just e-mailed you, btw!