Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paper Prego

As America World says, we are officially "paper pregnant!" This means that the our government has authenticated our dosier and it is on it's way to Rwandan hands. We are in the waiting zone and besides praying, everything is now totally, completely out of our hands. Ryan and I both feel excited that we've made it through the intimidating mountains of paperwork and faithful that our waiting period will be tolerable. I wish that I could give all of you the feeling of total and complete peace that God has placed over my mind and spirit. Thinking of our newest family members brings a lot of tears and joyful excitement. Although I know that God's timing is perfect, I still pray that we receive our children earlier then most (average is 12 weeks) so that we can all enjoy some family time together and adjust to each other before I start my new career. Each night the four of us pray together. A new prayer is that whereever our other kids are, they are feeling happy. That someone snuggles them when they need snuggled, kisses their cheeks and tells them how loved they are. Please pray that prayer too. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers for us during this exciting time!

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  1. Travis and I understand how exciting it is to finally make it through the "paper chase" the "real" wait is here.
    We will pray that you receive your referral pictures and info soon. There is really nothing in the world like seeing the faces of your children for the first time.