Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dossier Update (again)

"Wait for the Lord; Be strong & let your heart take courage." -Psalm 27:14 This week I visited both the secretary of states offices in Missouri and Kansas. That means that all documents in our dossier are certified in the state that they originated and ready to go. Monday morning (if we raise $3330 this weekend) we'll send it to DC where Ryan Hanlon, our case manager, will hand deliver it to the US Embassey, then it will go to the Rwandan embassey, then Rwanda. That only takes a couple weeks HOWEVER once it is in Rwanda, the wait time is usually around 12 weeks. Agh. Our whole adoption journey has been on God's terms, I know, I know. But a mama can still hope for speedy miracles! PS. Don't forget I HEART RWANDA this weekend!

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