Monday, February 2, 2009

Check your local listing

On Wed, Feb 4 the Kansas City Star will be running a story about our fundraiser and the adoption. It is kind of a cool story.... Last week a woman from the Star called saying that she'd heard about how adoption was running smoothly, and how was that possible during a recession? Neither Ryan or I know her or anyone at the Star, so we aren't sure who passed on the word (thanks, whoever you are!). Initially, she just wanted to put a little "Good News" blurb in the Saturday paper, but after talking about it, her editor decided to run the story in the front of the Neighborhood News. The Overland Park Sun will also be running one. This is great because the questions allowed us to give glory to God. We don't have extra money, we don't have extra resources, but we have a God who provides everything we need and the news article was another way He uses us to spread His word. The I Heart Rwanda party has definately taken on a life of its own! I really think it would be difficult to attend and leave without some sort of prize! We're so grateful for everything from the doll's beauty salon chair, to wine parties to Royals tickets.


  1. Higgins Fam.
    This is all so exciting and such an awesome process to witness. We can't wait to be with you all this weekend and watch all God has in store start to unfold. Love you lots.