Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lots of positivity

Saturday night Nana and Aunt Lora helped us make centerpieces for the party- they are full of education about adopting as well as Rwanda- maybe someone will learn something that inspires them while partying with us Feb 7! Ryan also contacted the US consulate regarding the safety of US children traveling in Rwanda; he thought it was a great idea and said his only concern would be that TV and bookstores aren't in English and that waiting in lines can be long. I said I thought that was a universal parenting problem!
The other good news is that we've received our passports- now we just make color photocopies of them and head to the Kansas Secretary of State's office to get it authenticated.
The great news is that the KC Star is featuring our I Heart Rwanda story in the neighborhood news next week. Front page! Talk about free PR.
Being flooded with these blessings encourages us every day that God is behind us, so who should we fear?

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