Saturday, January 24, 2009

Travel Safety

Lately, our family has been faced with questions regarding safety and travel when we venture to Rwanda to pick up our kids. First and foremost, Ryan and I believe with certainty that God will always keep us in His protective hand. Second, "despite the horrors that have visited Rwanda in the past, it remains a safe country to visit and Kigali is one of Africa's safest big cities." - Our agency, America World, will provide all of our travel arrangements, including transportation and lodging, a daily agenda and staff that will accompany us. It is also important to mention that Rwandans are saddened by the genocide of '94 and take deep pride in their nation's unity at this time. Rwanda is tiny, the size of Maryland, but it is surrounded by 4 other countries. Currently, there is unrest in the Congo, which is on the other side of Mount Karisimbi, a volcano. We're going to an orphanage in Kigali. We aren't going into this country without first learning as much as we can about what we're doing- not to mention praying that God guide us all the way. Also, we aren't the first to do this with our biological kids in tow; there is currently a family that is in Rwanda adopting their daughter and their biological kids are accompanying them. We'll keep you posted in their success story too. Thanks for your support and prayers.

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