Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Passports and such

Our last neccessary piece of the dossier is passports. Surprisingly, the Basehor Post Office made an appointment for us just down the street- and compared to the required paperwork for our homestudy and I-600, passports are a walk in the park. We will then take all of our documents to the secretary of state of Kansas to get them authenticated. My birth certificate and our marriage license have to be authenticated in NE, so they will go seperate. It is silly that there are this many hoops to jump through. I don't know how people could get through them if they didn't have faith in our Lord to help us endure! Now is mostly just waiting and praying. Ryan and I have completed 7 grant applications- these are like filing for taxes- all 7 grants are from Christian organizations that believe finances shouldn't hinder families from adopting. Neither of us fills at all anxious about the money because we feel so completely confident that God will provide in His time. Money isn't a mountain He can't move.

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