Monday, January 12, 2009

Dossier Update

January 11, 2009:
Today we received a document in the mail with a return address from Homeland Security...yipee! Thinking that our I-600A was complete, I was excited. However, it was only a letter saying that our homestudy either needed t obe ammended or we'd completed the wrong form. Agh. 2hrs later, Ryan Hanlon, our case manager, had the correct form sent and we've once again re-submitted our Homeland Security paperwork.
At this point, our dossier is so close to being complete. Every day we work on fundraising efforts for our dinner on Feb 7. We are so thankful that we rarely hear "no" for an answer! My prayer is that our kids are feeling loved right now. That someone snuggles them when they need snuggled, kisses their tears and tells them that their mommy and daddy will be here soon.

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