Friday, December 9, 2011

What I've Got

Still feeling overwhelming frustration.  So I'm doing a glass half full of perspective today.  Since adopting 2 boys:
  • I text at record speed because it's too loud in my house to carry on a phone conversation
  • I've introduced our extended family, coworkers and neighbors to a unique, East African blend of resistant ringworm  
  • This family can make dinner last over an hour or in under 5 minutes, depending on the scenario.
  • My nurses now believe it would take a fire, a kidnapped child and a woman pushing her baby out,all simotaneously, to get me "stressed."
  • At work, I can complete a pap on a patient while at least 3 children are climbing on me and still do a gentle, thorough job
  • My life is much funnier than reality TV.
  • Etienne has become an awesome filter for weeding out our true friends.
  • Ryan and I can change a kid, give a sponge bath and change sheets while half asleep in under 3 minutes.  Twice a night.
  • I have the deepest most beautiful reliance on my Creator than I ever could have had if He hadn't given me this journey.

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