Monday, December 19, 2011

Sparkly Eyed Smiley Face Part II

     Do you see a theme here?  I can catch a hilarious face, question or commentary with Ezekiel at any given moment.  He may have started his first weeks home screaming but now Zeke is all about the laughs.  While all the  boys are getting dressed this morning, they are comparing belly sizes, color and shape.  

Etienne: What is the umbrella cord on me for anyway? 
(translation: umbilical cord, please note their mama had just delivered a baby, so the terms reflect timing!).

Blake: It hooks the baby to the mom so it doesn't fall out.

Me: (while braiding hair, turning Black Eyed Peas louder to get them moving faster AND answering a page) It also feeds the baby, and it's important for....

Zeke: (yelling, as he ALWAYS does) EXCUSE ME, MAMA! You don't even need an umbilical cord.  You feed me and you give me everything I need and my umbrella is brown and yours is vanilla.


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