Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yippee for Zeke-ee!!

     The first winter for Zeke, he was trying to fight off affection and giardia, so snow was out of the question.  Last winter, he cried and cried each time he got cold.  We are talking SHUT THE DOOR this kid is out for the count crying, unresponsive with a flat affect.  We had realized by than that Zeke had some sensory deficits and extreme temperatures is one of them.  (He also flips out if clothing or shoes aren't "tight!!" so don't even think about getting him Velcro. Kid sized Under Armor is his thing.)
  Well, God always wins.  And he won the temperature battle.  The Bigs convinced the Little of trying to snowboard and he loved it! Zeke spent a good hour outside, snow boarding and doing everything a kid is supposed to do in the snow.  YIPPEE!  We love the snow around here and it wasn't going anywhere despite Zeke's protests.
PS  If you've seen our house, we have a perfect Bunny slope on the side yard that flattens out and than leads to our forest, which is a decent sized drop off.  The Entourage discovered sledding and boarding off the slope, into the forest, than used jump ropes and Blake as a human rope to pull themselves up cliff again and again.  It's one of those ideas that I know I should probably stop, but I just want to see how it plays out first... Blake reminded us that he "totally couldn't do this without my brothers."

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