Monday, February 27, 2012

That's why E has US and not just ME.

     Ryan went skiing for a couple of days with some old buddies.  I was intentional about scheduling zoo picnics, air plane museums and movies (sure, "fun mommy status", but I had selfish motivation-if we are busy the house stays clean and the time goes by faster!).  By Saturday night,  I was feeling pretty confident about our few days without daddy.  Until 1:49am.  That's when I was awakened by Etienne with stool filled pants.  Seriously, my 5/6 year old poo'd his pants.  I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, really I did.  Is your tummy hurting?  Do you feel yucky? No, no, just a sleepy half smile and a very stinky, disgusting mess.  This is the part where I deliberately tried to step outside myself and look down on mother and son, an objective view.  Really, no guilt, no anger, just an efficient, gag-filled clean up and back to bed.  Inside, I was fuming.  It was offensive to clean up a big kid like this!  How didn't he feel or know this when he hasn't had #2 accidents in at least a year?   Instead of praying away my frustration, I angrily text'd Ryan.  Here's the texts:
Kara: I realize it's 1am but I just got woke up bc E pooped his pants. I am gagging.
Ryan: I'm so sorry.
Kara: Soooo disgusting.  Cleaning a 5yo up that has poop everywhere. He acts like it's no biggie.
Ryan: Surprised?
Kara: It's POO. It's should be offensive and it should be embarrassing.  How can he do that?
Ryan: Should be, yes. He SHOULD be out of diapers by now.  And he SHOULD have been held as a baby.
     That's when I started crying.  And that's when I turned to praying for my little boy's heart and mine.  I know that a lot of marriages, they hit the ugly stuff and the relationship crumbles.  I am more in love with my husband than ever before and I am so, so blessed by him.  However, in my defense, if he hadn't been on a mountain and in the bathroom with the poo instead, he would have needed reminded too.

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