Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cooking Rwandan food in the spaceship

     That's what the boys are doing while I try to get myself presentable.  It seems crazy that at the age they are, I can't take a shower while they are awake, but it's true.  Last time I tried,  I found snow goggles dangling from a sad plant that couldn't handle the winter gear and a tearful Zeke stuck under a bed.  Not pretty.
     So we use my 5 minute shower time for working on our sensory deficits.  Today there is a tray of rice and dry noodles in the bathtub, which is also known as the space ship.  The boys are making me Rwandan chicken before I depart to the moon.  Wish me luck!
FYI: if your kiddo has some sensory  issues, rice is one option to help him "rewire"

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