Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All about Z

Today we celebrate Ezekiel's birthday.  Today we give extra thanks for our "sparkly-eyed smiley face," as his sister so fondly calls him.  Our family is funnier, sillier and more complete because of our little man.  I asked the entourage what they loved about Zeke-ee baby.

10 Things to Love about Zeke:
  • He's really funny. Example: "Strangers have guns & that guy doesn't have a gun, so he's not a stranger" or his frequent call for siblings "Come to PaPa!"
  • Meal time, European (or Rwandan) style.  Eating with Zeke takes a long time.  People generally think he eats a lot, but in actuality, he is slow & savors (or protests) his food
  • Snuggling.  The kid LOVES it.  He literally falls asleep with a grin if someone will lie next to him.  This morning, he asked if he could lay on me for his birthday. Sigh. He melts me
  • Hand-me-downs.  It is a battle to convince Zeke to wear any clothing that wasn't previously worn out by his big brothers.  He does not like anything that is just his.  I guess this is kind of awesome, considering he's the youngest of four.
  • The squeeze factor.  Zeke has some sensory deficits that play out in quirky ways.  The boy can't stand Velcro shoes because we can't pull them tight enough and he prefers his shirts and underwear two sizes too small (it's slightly indecent!)
  • His voice.  It's like Barry White just sucked helium out of a balloon
  • Zeke is forgiving.  He is bullied all day long by his older sibling and every time, he goes back for more.  With each apology, he squeaks, "It's okay, I forgive you." And he means it.
  • His spirit.  Zeke looks at a tree, and sees a magnificent tree.  He hears a song, and it's beautiful.  He meets someone new, and they are a friend.  Zeke finds good everywhere.
  • Books.  The kid hoards books under his pillows, behind stuffed animals and inside the sheets. He can not get enough of reading.  I think he gets that from his big sister.
  • His memory.  Once, he told me about how I gave him a bottle while he was wrapped tight and than we went to a white room where the doctor checked him.  That really did happen.  In Ethiopia!  He can also tell you how to get to Mama's work, Grandpa's house or I29 to Kansas.
  • His one liners.  We can be in the middle of an emotionally draining conversation ("Why did my birth mom not want me?") and he'll follow up with "I'm gonna be Bat Man when I get big."

  • The moment we met.

    Molly can't be better at loving him.

    Babe in a bucket

    SO BIG!

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    1. Loved this post. The fact that he asked if he could lay on you for his birthday, melted me too.