Sunday, February 19, 2012


  Music is a big deal at our house.  While driving around, we tend to listen to KLOVE ( I know, I know, cheesy but after the entourage questioned the lyrics of "Jesse's Girl" I had no choice) but Ryan and I both take a little bit of pride in our kid's musical knowledge.  If you ask Blake his favorite songs, it is probably Jack Johnson or Lennon while Molly is into the Newsies soundtrack.  Zeke has a thing for Billy Ocean and Etienne, like his mama, takes great comfort in a lot of song lyrics.  So his favorite depends on what is going on in his little heart.
  Currently, both the little boys love the Newsboys song "God's Not Dead."  Zeke aspires for his twisty curls to take the look of lead singer, Michael Tait, (I KNOW his Pops, Daddy and Grandpa aren't lovin' this look, but Zeke is his own boy!) .  He also really wants the newest CD for his birthday.
Michael Tait of the Newsboys

Ezekiel Higgins, of the Higgins' Entourage
    Asking this kid about cutting his hair leads to a lot of unnecessary yelling.  Every now and than, someone thinks he is a girl.  Truthfully, the people that think that are white people that aren't usually around black people.  Yup, I just said that.
  Below is Etienne's latest dance video to The Newsboys newest song and my Entourage's current fave.

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