Monday, January 23, 2012

Remember when.

A couple nights ago, Zeke asked if he could see the pictures from when we adopted him.  Actually, his words were, "I want to see when you went on the airplane and you sang that song about the mountain moving and than God did."
Zeke is my baby but he isn't a baby anymore.  We frequently forget.  I tried to pry open his little brain to figure out where this idea spun from, but all I got was "My friend Mason doesn't have brothers or sisters, that is so boring."  Zeke and his one liners kill me.
So 5/6th of us  cuddled up on Zeke's bed and watched those sacred moments again.  So sweet and still so awe inspiring at God's love for us.  Seeing the picture below, Blake said, "Molly, I love you."  Be still my heart.
It's not like Molly was doing something remarkable, but Blake must have some sweet memories of this moment with her.

Making birth mom, adoption and orphanages a part of our family's normal language and dialogue has served us well.  There is no shame or sadness in "before you came home," conversations.  I really think E and Z look at their adoption as something normal, natural and that God did it.   And He did.  Don't get me wrong, we are fully aware that at some point, probably during the angst of middle school, there will be resentment and there will be questions.  At least the two of them will have each other and at least in their core they will know they have always been wanted.  

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