Monday, January 9, 2012

My Girl.

Molly's "head shot," used for auditions.

    She doesn't get a lot of blog posts about her, but Molly could (should) have her own blog.  She's our little writer, actress, negotiator , thinker and prayer warrior.  She's basically awesome (and a teeny bit spoiled because of her princess status as only girl in the Entourage).
     A lot of the time, Molly flies under the radar. Who can blame her, really, with all the nudity and noise around here?  Molly prefers to have her nose in a book, sing a Show Tune in prep for an audition or create an elaborate make-believe game in the woods.  Tuning out her brothers is her specialty.  She is my moral support, knowing what to pray for or telling me "I love you and I'm sorry today was hard."  Who is this kid anyway to encourage her parents like that?!
     Etienne is Molly's "teddy bear," while Zeke is her "sparkly eyed smiley face baby;" both of them rely on her for a lot of affection and reassurance.  Lately, Etienne has gone into her room several times and taken things, then proceeded to take them apart.  Think undoing every link on a necklace or pulling out every page of a book.  Her reaction is to kiss him and tell him she forgives him.  Every time.  Every single time.  The grace that she shows her sometimes-too-difficult-to-embrace brother is awesome.  It motivates me and it reminds me that God is working in this home.  He is working in our family.  I may struggle with 3 steps back and 1 step forward but Molly has an empathetic, nurturing and patient soul.  Ask her what she wants to do someday and she'll say "I want lots of daughters from Asia, to travel around and write books for God."  I so love her.

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