Thursday, January 5, 2012

the missing tooth

Etienne's newest nest in our bedroom.
     Blake is always wiggling his lower teeth, being a kindergartner, tooth talk is the coolest.  Yesterday Etienne discovered a loose tooth, and giving his knack for taking things apart, he had his tooth pulled out by bedtime(think ouch and gross because both words describe the event!).  Ryan and I were convinced that the whole tooth fairy business would further decrease Etienne's up-all-night behaviors.  Wrong! I am sure God was chuckling at us.  The kid actually snored.  I have never seen him sleep so well as he did last night!
     Further evidence of God's grace in our family is that Blake could care less that Etienne lost a tooth before him.  Chalk it up to his self-assurance if you want to, but I say it's a grace thing that Blake didn't feel bad. (Ok, maybe he's too assured, he did say 'my teeth are super strong you know.')
Is this further evidence that E's age isn't  objective?!


  1. That's a cute toothless photo of Etienne! My son was so proud of losing his teeth and dealing with all the tooth fairy transactions. Hehehe. Hey, have you told your boys about the tooth fairy yet? That will certainly be a fun stage in your parenting career. =)

    -Lawrence Gilstrap

  2. It’s good to hear that your kids are all excited to have their teeth pulled. I guess, we can give all the credits to the Tooth Fairy. Haha! Anyway, it really helps that at a very young age, they’re not afraid to lose their teeth; meaning, they will not be afraid to go to the dentist in the future.

    Randy Farmerr