Thursday, January 19, 2012

Attached vs Traditional

Reader disclaimer: this is an honest post. Keep your judging at a minimum unless you've been there, done that.
Scenerio 1- Your kid jumps on the bed when he is thought to be sleeping, so forceful that he breaks the frame.
BA (before adoption): spanking, time out with a prayer and loss of privileges
AA (after adoption):  Pray.Time in (don't let that kid out of your sight, he needs attention) for 24hrs, sleep next to mom and dad  until  further notice.

Scenerio 2- The kiddo has just told you that the sitter is the one that removed the all the pages from the books. (Laurel, shame on you!)
BA:  Spanking, prayer, to the room to be alone and "think," than maybe chores to replace the book.
AA:  Pray, time in, than give the kid a box of hard "baby proof" books that can't be damaged, those are the only books he can look at while always in your line of vision, until further notice.

Starting to see the pattern here?
Then run on the tread mill as fast as you can until the prayer and sweat has taken the anger out of you.
Mama's on the treadmill running super fast.


  1. thank you for this! (glad your babysitter has such an amazing name :)

    1. i can't quite explain how excited i get when i see you have a new post. so few TRULY get it. thank you!