Thursday, January 26, 2012

A laughing matter

  I have an old fashioned cold and I can't smell anything.  About 10:30 last night, I'm snuggled in my fleece sheets, pillows propped and tissues at hand, when my fab husband climbs in next to, freezes, climbs right back out of bed and says "Ugh. It STINKS like pee!"  He begins frantically peeling back all my cozy layers, burying his face into each to find the source.  I saw patients yesterday, so I sent out texts to the sitter, hoping you-know-who had fallen asleep in our bed.  Nope, he slept in his nest on the floor....meanwhile, Ryan is now sniffing the carpet, attempting to crawl under the bed and peeking behind it.  Meanwhile, I still can't smell a darn thing.  Ryan attributes this extra sensitive nose to post traumatic stress, him being the one in East Africa that pretty much had kid urine on him at all times....  Since I couldn't smell anyway, I just climbed back into my coziness and planned to wash the whole entire room in the morning.
  About 6a this morning, E is wondering down the hall and as I go to escort him back to bed, he asks, "Did you find my underwear on the floor yet?"  Nope, but Daddy's nose has.

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