Saturday, January 21, 2012

I feel loved.

   My husband is a good man.  My adoption mamas are amazing sisters.  God is good.  I am getting respite in 6 days at a retreat geared just for encouraging adoptive families.  I am humbled with gratitude.  
 To check it out, visit the website.


  1. I have so appreciated your honesty and authenticity in telling your story. And I am hoping I just may meet you at the conference next week- I'll be there too! :)

    1. I will be the girl at the Rwanda table that can't stop tearing up. See you soon!

  2. Have you adopted from Rwanda?!! This is so cool! I was not sure if they were open for adoptions or not. I am a travel agent for adopting families, and have been serving families with Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia, and several other countries, but not Rwanda! This is really cool. I would love to hear more! :) God bless you!!