Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zeke Catches the Thief

     The following story is not exaggerated for affect.  I really couldn't make this up.  We may have a lot of stress and dysfunction, but I am fairly confident that my family is one of the more interesting ones you know!
     Molly has been saying for months that she is going to go with Ryan and me to Rwanda next summer with Visiting Orphans and we have made it very clear that she must come up with the funds ($3500) if she really wants to go.  I know, I know we are tough but we both feel that if she prayerfully made this choice, than God will provide her a way.
     Hence the face painting.  At her back to school carnival, Molly made $49 painting cheeks of her fellow classmates.  She also got a dog walking gig and some motivation out of it.  Last night was the Abe Lincoln High School Homecoming Game.  She sent the Principal an email earlier in the week asking if she could paint   faces at the game.  Bless those teenagers!  The student council donated tail gate money, all the dance team girls got in line, and  by half time Molly had made over $200.  So proud of her.

    Meanwhile, back at the grassy lawn behind their sister, the boys are playing catch.  Of course, where there is a ball, boys will come.  Before long, Blake, Etienne and Zeke have quite a crowd of boys playing 2 hand touch.  Along came the middle schoolers to ruin all the fun.  I was close by and trying not to interfere.  Before I knew it, I see Blake and Zeke bolt toward the parking lot.  A good 25 yards away.  I started running after them, yelling in true mom style "That's a dark parking lot, you turn yourself around!!"  They are long gone by the time I enter the parking lot, but I see a lot of commotion on the ground up ahead.  Zeke has passed up a COP who is chasing a rather chunky middle school kid.  The cop is screaming something about stealing as Zeke dives onto the kid's pants and the kid hits the ground.  Followed by the cop.  Chunk the thief is fake crying as the cop gets on his phone to call the kid's parent.  By this time a small crowd of older kids is now cheering Zeke for tackling the thief.  Ball back in hand, he smiles in true Zeke style and says "That kid tried to steal my brother's ball."  I was so surprised at the whole ordeal that I forgot to tell him to leave catching the bad guys to the cops.

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