Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The best gift.

     Today is my birthday.  We celebrated by going to piano/soccer/football/theater.  Just kidding.  I love my crazy life.  It's no secret that my crazy life has been a bit more painful as of late.  Tonight I  got a great gift.  Like a little encouragement straight from God.
     The entourage was in the midst of bedtime chaos.  Nudity and noise.  Etienne somehow got hold my wedding ring and I heard it clang into the sink.  It spun around the drain but managed to land directly in the middle of the cover.  Whew!  Of course, I didn't react with my "trust based attachment mode"  I scolded him and then moved on.  A couple of minutes later I glanced over at the unusually quiet kid sitting against the door.  He had 2 big tears sliding down his face.  Wasn't screaming, yelling or pounding anything.  I asked him if those were tears.  (I know, stupid question, but it was genuine shock).  He nodded.
"I just feel sad that I almost lost your wedding ring."
      What?!  I hugged him tight and cried.  I told him that I wasn't sorry that he felt sad for hurting me because it meant that a little corner of his heart got a bit squishy and open for love.  I told him that this was the best birthday present I could have asked for.  It was.
     Side note: my card from Blake was signed "Your son, Blake," while Molly made me a paper heart and the above sunglasses.  Then there is Zeke.  He drew a picture of him and I both turned into tornadoes, holding hands.  Nothing says "I love Mama" like two twisters.

My  Molly got me super hip Ray Bans that are covered with peace signs and  anti-war slogans; very  midwife-ish. 

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