Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Button Down the Hatches

     Molly and Blake are amazing.
     If anyone was wondering.  Case in point.  Yesterday was a long, rough parenting day for Ryan and me.  Etienne had spent some time in the Prinicpal's office.  No one needs to go into the 'whys,' but it was behavior that infuriated (maybe even a bit more his teacher daddy than his mama) as well as exasperated us. When discussing the day, Etienne said "I don't even care when I get in trouble" to the two of us.  We believe him on this too.   Needless to say, we were brainstorming our next moves.  We decided to mention the brother in the office to his older siblings; knowing full well that Blake is by far the most influential person in Etienne's life.
     At the dinner table, when they heard that little bro had been to the Principal's, Molly and Blake were bummed.  Then Molly said "I wish I could be a little angel on his shoulder,"  Blake followed with, "No, he needs a camera on his head, then I could whisper into a ear mic what he should do next."     
      They preceded to explain to Etienne all the things he could do at school and for mama and daddy to get "good attention."  The list included playing kickball on Blake's team (he knows E's talented!), walking in the hallway, buying lunch sometimes instead of "always making mommy pack," and saying his teacher was pretty.  This encouraged me so much to see them love their brother well. And serve their parents.
     It's time to say no to everything.  We need to stay in, stop participating and stop pretending we are normal.  This kid is struggling.  We are seeing hoarding, lying and digression.  Tonight I was bummed to miss our first missional community (small group) of the year.  I was having a pity party that this kid can't handle going to other people's homes.  That our anxiety is high all the time.  Than I looked at my big kids; pulling out coloring books and trying to work on the alphabet with him.  Not asking.  Just loving.  I may be stinkin' at parenting the RAD-kid-at-school thing, but God's grace is sufficient for the six of us.
Check out the Sam's Club carrots.  He had just finished 2 bowls of soup,  2 salads, 2 tomatoes and a Popsicle... insecurity= hoarding

So awesome.


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  1. Thanks for sharing about Blake and Molly. Although I've never met them and probably never will, it's wonderful and encouraging to hear about these two who serve as incredible examples of patience and love--what a great example for all of us. God is good AND they've got great parents too!