Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where his heart is

My mom shared this story about E that brings me to tears.
     Sunday she and my dad were running late, so they did "church in the park," singing songs, telling bible stories and spending time in prayer.  The entourage walked near a Vietnam Memorial as well as a MIA/POW statue.  My folks explained to the kiddos what those words meant, then E asked to pray for the soldiers that were MIA/POW.  After praying, the rest of the kids headed off to the playground but E stayed with my mom, saying "I don't think church is over yet."  He prayed some more for those soldiers.
     Later that night, with me, Etienne asked me to help him pray for all the soldiers that weren't with their families at bedtime.  Remember this is my E.  My hurt-my-folks-to-guard-my-heart kid.  This is what encourages me.  This is why I know that my son's redemption story will be worth it.

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