Monday, June 4, 2012

First Recital

     Saturday was a big day.  Maybe bigger for Ryan and me than Etienne.  E has been playing the piano with Dr C for several months now.  At first, he loved practicing and playing.  But just like basketball, school, baseball, stickers and approval, Etienne has lost interest.  I know that this is some sort of deeply rooted coping mechanism, the not caring, but it is difficult for his parents to get past.
     The element of piano that hasn't lost it's thrill is the instructor.  Etienne is Dr C's "scholar," and the bond that the two of them share is priceless.  I really think they need each other.  Working up to the recital, E did every toddler-like move to avoid working with us to prepare.  Daily lessons with Dr C meant sitting with perfect posture, proper language and a very quiet voice.  For him, Etienne could do it.
The bow tie is daily attire.
     We are going to continue the lessons all summer.  Routine, routine, routine.  Tomorrow E gets to ride in Dr C's convertible Camero as a reward for practicing and performing.  Really, I can't make these things up.

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