Monday, July 5, 2010

Missing Shoes

Note there is only one shoe in this pile. That would be because Etienne and Zeke (especially E) has a knack for relocating all the shoes in the house. Now I run a tight ship and everyone's shoes go either: 1. in the laundry room 2. in your own closet. In theory, all the shoes should be easily located when time to go somewhere. HOWEVER, Etienne has this way of putting shoes in the washer, the oven, over the balcony into the forest, in the bed of his Daddy's truck, under his covers. No exagerating. This has been the cause of Mama being late for work; her shoes were in the oven again. What's ironic is that in Africa there was no way we could convince these boys to wear shoes. Now they wear them on their feet and in their hands. I fully realize that this is a hoarding behavior left over from 3 years in an institutional setting. It's funny though. Highly annoying at 7:30am on a work day, but still funny.

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