Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Prayer

My prayer for Etienne today is that You may work one of your miracles in His little heart. I just want my son to know without a doubt that he is wanted and loved FOREVER. I long for Etienne to believe that his mama and daddy are his own forever and that we will always be his. I pray that Etienne may find my hugs, my hands and my arms to be a source of comfort and security. I ask that E may stop finding attention through hurtful actions and deliberate disobedience. I pray that E may find our encouragement to be more rewarding than our discipline. That I may know how to love him, to be fun and encouraging and discipline out of love and not anger. I seek more patience and insight because my mama instinct left me on Sept 7, 2009. I am so thankful for the miracle that You've worked in Ezekiel. I am grateful for his constant sparkly eyes and toothy grin; they remind me of what Your grace can do. I am thankful that Zeke knows he is loved and wanted and that he recognizes his family as his own. I am also so grateful for Molly's nurturing heart and empathetic spirit, for Blake's comical mischief and kisses. For Ryan's calming nature, for Nana's encouragement and Grandma's knowwledge. Our blessings continue to be abundant despite our 3 year old's healing heart.

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