Thursday, July 15, 2010

Single Mama and the Entourage

Week 2 of Daddy in Minnesota: -Zeke put a pizza slice in the toilet -became official with One More Home -Molly asked me to refer to her as a mermaid any time she is in the water, fairy while in the forest and princess at all other times -Decided to start writing a book -Etienne has decided on diapers for now (I don't feel like complaining so I will leave it at that) -Some boys at the park asked me if my "darker boys" speak Spanish -Discovered a weekly open mic night with a ton of diverse families. Had to leave when some middle schoolers started rapping about "taking it all off." -Delivered 2 babies -Etienne hugged me spontaneously. So grateful for little gifts. -Blake informed me that if Zeke used the potty, we'd "better get another baby." Funny boy.

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  1. I'm thinking we should adopt a fourth so I can be cool like you and call them "the entourage"'