Monday, July 19, 2010

We NEEDED this!

July 18th has been a really important day for this mama and entourage for 2 reasons. A year ago we got our referral for this beautiful, serious 21/2 yo named Etienne (which we stumbled for weeks trying to pronounce) and "the baby," Ezekiel Daniel. What a year it has been since than! July 18th was also departure day for the long awaited, much anticipated reunion with the Limmers, our travel family to Rwanda. The day before leaving for our reunion, we had some major family crisis' (yes, plural). My remarkable mom insisted that despite the drama on the homefront, we had to go on our trip to see our Rwanda Family. Thank goodness for the wisdom of a mother. This was exactly what we needed. As soon as I am with Heidi, Justin and their crew, my heart just inflates a little more. The bond we share is indescribable. To all those adopting out there, I can not encourage you enough to befriend another family sharing in your journey. In the weeks following our return home with the boys, there were so many days that it was all I could do to get to the pantry and call Heidi crying. Besides our sharing the bond of adoption together (and our families spending the majority of waking hours for weeks in an enclosed van in Africa), our children can now grow up together knowing that there is a family that knows just what it feels like to be us. I LOVE that Heidi knows why I tear up when I talk about our time in Kigali or that she too is constantly exploring which type of milk to try on her son next. I am also so grateful that down the road, when E and Z are doubting their place in this world, that they can Skype with their friends who shared the same journey home. How huge is that?! Today we all just had fun. I can't tell you how long overdue it has been. We still have 2 more days but are already planning next year...

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  1. I see two amazing, wonderful mothers with beautiful hearts in this picture. Thanks for blessing me with sharing your journey.