Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Surprise support

This is my old best friend, Erin, and her adorable kiddos along with the Higgins' crew. I am so grateful for her support. A year ago, when I was anxiously awaiting that blessed referral phone call, she was on bedrest with her twins. We hadn't spoken or communicated in several years. Hadn't been friends true friends in at least 12 years. But God is cool like that and He used Facebook to reconnect us. So all those long nights when I prayed for my unknown kids, I prayed for her twins and she prayed for our boys. How cool is that? God shows us His grace so unexpectedly and He isn't limited to bible studies and scripture, I found His grace in fb. For all those waiting families, I pray that you'll identify His grace unexpectedly too.


  1. Love Love Love it! You go with that ergo mama!-beck

  2. Still praying for you & yours. Glad to have my bff (aka beef) back!