Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moms Like Us

There's a common sisterhood among adoptive moms. We find each other and instantly swap stories, tears, discipline techniques and prayers. We cry in our pantries, give lots of time outs and buy in bulk. We find each other on blogs, through agencies, chat rooms and in Sam's Club. I am SO THANKFUL for these women in my life- Michelle (far left) and Nicole (middle). In the first chaotic weeks home with Etienne and Zeke, they both brought me meals. I was a stranger at church with newly adopted kids. Period. A month later, Michelle brought her daughter home from China and any day now Nicole will be traveling to Ethiopia to pick up her sweet baby boy. I can't imagine surviving life in a new city, with a new family and a new job if our families hadn't become intertwined. All our kids (11 between us, soon to be 12!) are the same ages and our husbands love the same things (meat, a good ball game, us). Michelle and I have cried together at the frustration and humbleness of transitioning home with a new child, while Nicole has cheered us on. We are so excited to be supporting her (hello, God LOVES garage sales for a good cause!) now that her journey is really just beginning.

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