Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surviving the Witching Hour

Ask any parent. The time around 5pm in every household seems to be the witching hour. Everyone is a little tired, a little hungry; too early for dinner or bedtime.
When we came home I was petrified that one of the boys would seriously injure themselves in the kitchen. I would turn around, bend or reach and one of them would be under me. Dishes were broken, the dishwasher took some damage and food was spilled. Finally, finally I came up with the line. We put masking tape on the floor on each side of the kitchen. Now Etienne and Zeke know not to cross the line. I survive cooking dinner a little easier: we've a lot less spills and stress.
I HIGHLY enourage other families to try this. It's normal for kiddos from an institution to have a lot of struggles with eating, hoarding, knowing when to be full. This trick has helped us a lot. Pretty sure the hardwoods will need resurfaced, but we'll deal with that later.

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