Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yup, still got it.

Giardia that is. Zeke's stools have increased in number and stench again. Results came back "large spores of giardia," and "parasites of unknown significance." Awesome. As my fellow adoptive mothers well know, we don't need a lab test to tell us when our kid has giardia, but the professionals do. So Zeke spent another long day at Children's, getting more labs and sticks with no answers still.
What's crazy is that my adoptive friends, Becky, in SoCal, was doing the exact same thing with her son,Judah, on Tuesday as Zeke and I were. He's from HOH too. Getting all the same tests and screenings. We spoke later in the day, after both boys were exhausted from being poked and prodded, not knowing until then that we were sharing the same battle. God is cool like that.
We are now searching to unfold why it is that Zeke can't seem to fight the giardia. It is a difficult balance for me to turn off my nurse practitioner button and only be mommy, to stop my self from investigating and obsessing about those stinkin' cysts and spores. He is a trooper taking another 4 (yes, 4) weeks of Alinia and Bactrim together. The bottom line for me is that he is thriving and happy. Yes, he still weighs the same as he did in Rwanda and the diapers are gross and the number of wipes we go thru is ridiculous; but ultimately no one else is catching it and he is acting more and more like a 2 year old. That's good right?!?
On a fun, "Firsts" note: we have tried all week to convince Etienne and Zeke that playing in the water and taking your shirt off outside is totally fun and ok. Zeke says "get dressed, GET DRESSED!!!!!" the entire time he's in his trunks. To the point that his siblings request that Mommy please just take the baby in and put his clothes on him.


  1. Not liking our last name right now...:) Not all Spores are bad. We think we're rid of giardia, but we'll have to talk soon.

  2. Let's start a support group for giardia moms. -Becky