Monday, April 23, 2012

Soccer Dad

     If you are  contemplating adoption, I can't emphasize enough that you have to have a partner that is willing to totally give up every routine, stereotype and agenda.  My husband is good at a lot of things.  Great, in fact.  He is a master of much: smoking meat, being a loyal fan to a losing team, baseball rules, wrestling kids, keeping me grounded.  He has not, however, mastered multitasking.  That's cool because I so have that down.
     This past Saturday, I had to be in a meeting in Chicago all day.  We have a "One activity" rule in our house, meaning every kid is allowed one extra curricular activity.  Seems reasonable until Saturday roles around.  (Also, he bends this rule when it comes to his princess. Case in point.)
8:30- Molly's volleyball game
9-10:30: Molly at Broadway class
10- Zeke's soccer game
12- Blake's soccer game
     That's a full morning.  Especially when you throw in the Three Stooges (ours, not Hollywood's), some doughnuts and a few pre-adolescent emotions.  Granted, I had laid out all the gear/clothing in one central station.  Everyone made it to everything and by mid afternoon, Ryan was smoking some pork for our missional community.  Fabulous!
     Sunday after my little out of town meeting was as expeceted: new damaged wall, a fish on hospice and too many lies.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude as Ryan sat with Etienne and Zeke, patiently talking to them about the 10 commandments and trying desperately to make something click in their little heads.  He told E something about knowing that he lies because he just wants to always be pleasing in his mama and daddy's eyes, but that we are pleased with him just because he is our son.  He said it all with patience, a soft voice and a lot of grace.  .
     I am always writing about what goes on in my heart as we walk this post adoption life.  I don't write enough about my other half.  He's super.  And now he's a multi tasker too.
PS  Beta fish do not like to play with happy meal prizes.  Just FYI.

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