Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No hugs, thanks.

     HUGE.  Etienne and Zeke encountered an acquaintance and he told her that he was 5 now.  She said "Wow, can I have a hug?"  He glanced back at Ryan and I, than said "No, thank you," and walked away.  Zeke yelled "Nope!" and ran.  HUGE.  Sure, it probably hurt that woman but I was too thrilled with the "No," that I really wasn't thinking about anyone's feelings but my sons.
     We have been working toward that answer for 2 years.  You wouldn't expect Blake to hug a random, well intended, middle-aged woman because she asked.  So don't expect my Rwandan babies to either.  It is HUGE that a child with beginnings in an institution differentiate affection from loved ones vs strangers.  HUGE.

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  1. this encourages me greatly. thanks for sharing your life. i learn so much from you!