Tuesday, November 15, 2011


  I don't need a birth certificate, a judge, a passport or the government to tell me that Etienne and Zeke are mine.  But the rest of the world needs more than what was born in our hearts so long ago.
  It's the 11th hour.  For months, we have been planning to do our re-adoption of the boys on Saturday  because it is National Adoption Day.  We chose now because we are finally complete with the Rwandan post adoption studies and we wanted to do it in November.  Our agency hooked us up with a lawyer in Des Moines that has done re-adoptions for children brought to the USA on I-4 visas.  She said "Sure, no problem.  I'm doing 2 other African re-adoptions for I-4 visas that day too."  She than emailed that she would  get permission from the judge in our county, Pottawattamie (western Iowa) to file it in a different county from where we reside.  Last night the lawyer emailed me that she can't reach a judge, and therefore, find a lawyer in Western Iowa to do it in our county.
  I have spent ALL DAY on the phone with family law offices, The National Adoption Day coordinators, DHS and now even the county Judge.  There aren't lawyers or even a judge around here knows about I-4 visas (this is why our agency told us to go to Des Moines in the first place.).  DHS spent several minutes telling me that if I would have chosen to do foster adopt, I wouldn't have this problem now.
  I am defeated.  Please reserve your questions or suggestions because state to state and country to country laws vary.  (Unless you are a practicing lawyer or judge in Iowa!)  Please just pray that God will move this mountain.  When we were in Rwanda, and later in Ethiopia, there were courts, officials, documents and laws that should not have allowed the boys to be ours.  God moved them and He can move this.  "I believe, help my unbelief." -Mark 9:24