Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pieces of Hope

     It's hard to see, but this is Etienne's first progress report from the preschool.  Under social-emotional, he got all D (developing) or P (proficient)!!  His teacher said, "He has so much compassion and patience for his friends.  He is always the first to offer to help me and he expresses his emotions and feelings so well."
     THANK GOD FOR THIS!!! Our "homework" has been working on appropriate feelings and emotions.  So we are learning...  We have had a lot a lot of anxiety surrounding his behavior outside the home.  I want E to be seen for the thoughtful, big hearted little boy that he is but often his behaviors mask this.  His teacher also said, "Sometimes he just needs me to hug him for a minute and than he is okay again."  He is loved.  He is accepted.  He is learning.  He is where he belongs.

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  1. Amen. Both Zeke and E. are exactly where God wants them. I am thanking God for their preschool and, especially, their loving teachers.