Friday, November 18, 2011

The Answer was 'No"

     After a week of ups and downs, long faxes, frantic phone calls, early morning notaries and a race against the clock, a judge in our county denied the petition to readopt the boys tomorrow, on National Adoption Day.  Tonight, Etienne said "I love being in my family."  So I will praise Him anyway.
In the car, Zeke asked if we can take a picture with slushies on our heads.  So I will praise Him anyway.
Molly reminded Blake that "You always have your brothers for friends." And I praised Him.
Dinner with all my babies at the same table, eating off each others' plates and all talking at once. I praised Him still.
     I can choose to be grumpy that the bureaucratic system is hindering Etienne and Zeke from sharing our last name.  Or I can be thankful that I live with them in my arms every day.  There are more than 143million orphans in the world and my boys are 2 less.  No matter what the judge may say.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. Can I ask what exactly is a readoption? Aren't they are ready legally yours? I just don't know a lot about this stuff.