Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sometimes I am overjoyed....

Somestimes I am overjoyed. I am overjoyed that Zeke wants me to hold him ALL the time and have decided not to keep this a secret. My parenting style prior to my new babies was ferberizing, cry it out, finish your veggies mommying. The last 4 months have totally shaken up my methods and I have decided to admit that I like it. Ok, I love it. I love that now (finally) Zeke insists on being on my lap, that Etienne needs me to kiss every little microscopic ouchie, that both of them insist on telling me "Mama, car!!" at every car we pass and I have to acknowledge it. I am over the moon that they need and require all this extra nurturing and instead of trying to do it the way I did things with Molly and Blake, I have learned to just go with it. And you know what? It is fine to do it differently. God designed children so amazingly full of love and resilence that Molly and Blake just seem to know that this is what their siblings need and no one is loved any less.
On the topic of nurturing the orphaned child, I finally realized that one reason Etienne has the high maintanance fro is because it is HIS time with mommy and daddy every day. He gets a lot of extra attention and one-on-one time when we have to pick out his hair or put in twisty curls. So we are keeping it this way for now since our E missed out on bottles and rocking and being carried everywhere. He instead gets 2 hour hair styles and trips to the barber shop.


  1. Isn't it wonderful God created us all differently and all with unique needs. I am glad Molly and Blake realize that, too. We are all blessed.

  2. They are so cute. I forgot, how old were they when you picked them up again? Thanks.

  3. Loved seeing the 6 of you at church yesteday! You and Ryan work so well together!