Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just another flu bug

Poor Etienne is sick with 103.6 fever. I realize every kid gets sick, but this is the first time he has been sick with his mama and daddy. It was heartbreaking to see our little guy with the chills and aches, and not a single tear, sniffle or call out. He just laid in his bed, miserable and not realizing it is totally appropriate for him to want his mommy and daddy to comfort him right now. Molly took great efforts to tell Etienne that even big kids can tell their parents when they don't feel good. I had my mommy alarm clock mode on, so I kept checking on him all through the night and finally just snuggled in bed with him. He will learn that is what family is for. P.S. Another concerned nurse at Children's called to tell me she was sorry to inform me that my son had giardia. Hee, hee! Like that's any news to anyone who knows Zeke.


  1. Poor guy, although this toughness is further evidence that he will make for a great Husker linebacker someday.

  2. Sorry to hear of Etienne's "bug". I am glad, though, that you had another opportunity to snuggle with him. We will be praying for him and that the "bug" travels no further within the family.