Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Reunion

"Two are Better than One...." Ecclesiastes 4:9
This weekend we were fortunate to have the Limmers (Justin, Heidi, Asia, Trina & Moses) visit from Wyoming. The Limmers are one of the families that we traveled to Rwanda with; that experience made us closer than friends. During our first 6 weeks home, there were days when the only person I wanted to talk to was Heidi. Some days as I was crying in the pantry or holding Zeke down in a swaddle, my phone would ring and her friendship would pull me through. Such a God thing.
We owe Justin, Heidi and gang a good time. The windchill remained too cold to venture out (espeically with our Rwandan babies) but the kids had fun dressing up, racing cars and playing games. And dates were set for a summer trip to Wyoming!

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