Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My heart leapt as my blackberry sang "Gimme Your Eyes," the ring tone for America World! It was indeed Ryan, our case manager. Calling not with a referral, but to say that the orphanage wanted an additional letter stating that we do want 2 children, not just 1. And it needed to be notorized but not authenticated. Huh? In our dossier there are 2 seperate letters, both notorized and authenticated, stating we want 2 children. Once again, the answer was that Rwanda hasn't ever had a family request 2 kids at once until now. Agh! I was at KU library, being analyzed by a test taking counselor (btw, she stated, "your skills are good, I think you need medicated.") when this call came. So there was a notary within the building. I called my dear friend Vicky, met up with her and we had the document notarized and faxed within a few hours of the call. My Ryan and I overanalyzed this phone call because Ryan Hanlon also called my Ryan to ask if we really wanted siblings or we didn't care. What does that mean? Do they have siblings? Are they close to a referral? Are we back at square one? Where the heck did the first 2 letters with our request go?! As Adrianne would say, "sigh."


  1. I am sorry Kara, how frustrating! I am thinking this may affect us as well since we requested a boy or gilr 0-12 months and sibling 0-36 months if available. Maybe if they don't have a sibling group in the requested age range that they want it specified that one is o.k.? I know that Rwanda has adopted out siblings before though, there is a family blog linked on my page.


  2. We are currently in the process of adopting from Rwanda (we just applied)! I have enjoyed reading your blog and wanted you to know that I have started a Twibe on Twitter for anyone who has adopted from Rwanda or is currently in the process. It will serve as a sort of "network" for all those Rwanda adoption families. Feel free to pass the link along to any other families you come across:

    Just started a Twibe. Visit . . . to join!

    Blessings to you and yours as you journey down this road~ Kelly

  3. Kara,
    Sounds like you and Ryan are getting very close to referral sounds like the orphanage is just making sure that all of the paperwork is totally in order before officially offering your family the referrals. I know it is hard to wait and "re-do" paperwork that is already there....Travis and I had to re-do a few things for the Guatemalan Government while waiting for the girls approvals.
    Soon you'll see the sweet faces of your newest family members and all of the heartache and craziness of "the wait" will be a distant memory.
    I cannot wait to come here and read about your exciting news......hopefully, very soon.
    Hang in there!!
    Sonya gatewood

  4. Hi! Let me shed some light on your questions. We just completed our Rwandan adoption through AWAA. Since we know you through the chat group, and that you are next in line to travel, we were eager to get any news about your kids while we were in Rwanda. We asked if there were siblings at Home of Hope. We found out from Nyanja that there really aren't any siblings. So, I think they are trying to figure out what to do with your request. I'm guessing that they will refer you two children that are unrelated, if that's possible. I'm so excited for you guys! You're in our thoughts often as we eagerly await the news about your referrals. I think you'll be getting that call really soon! Blessings to you as you wait. I know how you are feeling!! Amy

  5. Mike and Amy,
    Thank you for the update! Sometimes it is really hard to take the calls from awaa and not ask too many questions when you know you'll get a really broad, general answer! :)Kara

  6. we are JUST starting the proces with AWAA...e have 4 children...and would like to adopt 1 or 2 from it not really possible to adopt 2 at once?? that's what AWAA led us to believe...but we're not sure if they were being "conservative"...any info?? feel free to email me! cassadas @ comcast. net