Monday, June 15, 2009

Burning Bush

The title of this blog is a shout out to my husband. Almost exactly 7 years ago we started praying what we called our "burning bush" prayer. We were a young married couple awaiting our assignment for the Peace Corp. We'd be assigned and reassigned several times because of Sept 11th and the unknown safety of the world at that time. We were starting to get frustrated with our life being in limbo and not knowing when we'd leave the US and where we'd go. After a few months of praying for any kind of burning bush, we found out we were pregnant with Molly. What a shock! That bush was on fire. Now I am requesting another burning bush. I am so grateful for all the faithful and loving prayer warriors that our in the Higgins' world and I know that so many are praying each day. I am requesting a burning bush this week. I will take it in any form-a referral of our Rwandan babies, a sold home, a mortgage for new home, a test date for getting boards over with. Even an old fashioned talking, burning (yet not burning) bush. Thanks, friends.

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