Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something free!!?!

Well, T-Mobile just made my day! Our plan was adjusted so that we can make internationals calls from Africa and it didn't cost a thing to add that option! Granted, it is $1.99/minute from Rwanda and $2.99/minute from Ethiopia, but at least we now have the capabilities do make that call!
We also had fun with a gift card to Old Navy this week (BTW all mens stuff is 1/2off) looking for appropriate "Africa" travel gear- you know, skirts below the knee, light weight guys pants. The conservative stuff. Not so easy to find but still fun to think we're getting so close...
Also got a helpful email from a fellow adoptive family that took their biological children with them (ages 4 and 7); besides providing encouragement they also had great suggestions for the journey and NO regrets at all that they took their whole family. This reiterated what Ryan and I feel- the four of us are a team and we do this as a family. Plus, I really think that if we have a toddler that is anxious about leaving his/her familiar home of the orphanage, that Molly and Blake (esp Moll's she is a little mama!) will be a comfort to their new siblings and help with the bonding.


  1. We are taking our kids as well who are 5 and 8. Would you mind forwarding me the email that you received? Or copy and pasting the info. My email is Who knows, maybe we will travel together! You all are a bit ahead of us but you never know. It would be a great support for the kids!

  2. Kara, We are new to AWAA Rwanda program, but I have been visiting your blog and am prating that you get a referral soon! My husbandis a missions pastor and travels internationally often. In terms of phone calls, he says that if your phone is "unlocked" for international calls, then you should be able to buy a local sim card in Rwanda/Ethiopia and insert in your phone that will get you rates of more like 35-50 cents/minute. Please e-mail if none of this makes sense and you want to know more! Chase and Laura

  3. Hi! I Just Found your blog- God Bless your journey! My husband and I just mailed our complete dossier to Rwanda today- yipee!
    But we are torn about whether or not to take our 2yr old daughter with us when the Big Day finally arrives. I would love to hear what your friends said about traveling with their kids if you don't mind sending it. My name is Jen, my husband Bill- I'd love to hear from you! God Bless, Jen and Bill

  4. I heart T-Mobile.